Please be aware that all of K The Messenger’s readings, sessions, workshops and events are listed in the Brisbane, Australia time zone. Of course, not all live sessions will align perfectly for international clients, and if this is an issue with your current country of residence, we would suggest that you take the .mp3 email readings option.


However, many countries do align with K’s session times and we suggest prior to making a booking, that you check the Time Converter to ensure you have the most suitable time for your location. K of Connect with Spirit™ will not be held responsible if you miss your booking due to international time confusion. Please study the converter to ensure your correct time has been recorded. Please see our refund policy in regards to cancelling bookings.


All bookings, events and products offered by K of Connect with Spirit™, are paid in advance securely through PayPal. PayPal accepts your local debit account and credit cards and is the safest way to make payment online. Your payment details are not recorded and all bookings are treated with care and confidentiality. All services are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD). Please check the currency converter if you are an international client.


Until payment has been validated, your booking will not be confirmed. Please ensure all readings, coaching sessions and events are fully paid, prior to your booking to ensure your place. With such a demand for K’s services we cannot reserve bookings without payment.




K The Messenger will answer your question(s) submitted during the booking process and will provide any additional information Spirit would like you to know. Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email. Your email reading will then be recorded at your scheduled appointment time, before being emailed to you in .mp3 format. Please be patient and allow for the audio file to be uploaded and delivered to you, as sometimes this process takes a little time due to the larger file size. Please note: only 1 Question Email Readings and 3 Question Email Readings are supplied by audio .mp3 file and sent via email.



If you have booked a reading or coaching session by phone, once payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email suppling you with further details such as the landline telephone number to call in on. This phone is not answered unless a booking has been made, so if you need to contact us please use the Contact Us page provided. Due to the high demand for K’s services, all sessions must be booked to avoid conflicts.  Long distance phone charges may apply from your calling area. All session types are available via telephone, except the Email Readings and Half Day Psychic Development Sessions. Phone consultations are not recorded.



Skype (www.Skype.com) is a FREE software application to make desktop computer audio/video calls to another desktop computer. Note: using Skype on your smart phone may cost you money. If you have selected a Skype reading, please dial K’s skype address connect.with.spirit at the time of your reading. If you are not a regular skype user, please download the skype software for your PC or Mac, using the Skype user guides and follow the instructions to get it up and running. Please add connect.with.spirit to your contacts list, prior to your appointment time using the Skype search function and entering connect.with.spirit. All sessions types are available via Skype, except for Email Readings. Skype consultations are not recorded.



K’s office is situated at 16 Thornlands Road, Thornlands QLD and is open by appointment only. K’s booking schedule is extremely tight, please ensure you are there on time. Her bookings will not run over the scheduled appointment time, as it will affect her other clients. You can get directions from Google Maps. All sessions types are available in-person, except for Email Readings. In-person sessions are not recorded under most circumstances.


PLEASE NOTE: All sessions require both of us to focus our attention on the session. Out of mutual courtesy, DISTRACTIONS (BABIES, CHILDREN, PETS, FRIENDS AND/OR RELATIVES) ARE NOT PERMITTED DURING YOUR SESSION. Please make suitable arrangements, if necessary. Also, please turn off your mobile phone during the session.



A reading is helpful when you need validation or direction. You may already be considering certain paths, but need some clarity on where they lead. Perhaps you are looking to connect with passed loved ones or obtain guidance directly from your guides. Everyone has different reasons for having readings, the important thing is to not to rely on psychics for every decision you make. Life is about learning and expanding and if you become dependent on a psychic to make every choice presented to you, you will not grow.


Book a reading when you are confused and unsure of what path to take, when major opportunities present themselves and you need confirmation that you are making the right decision. Some clients are looking to make positive changes, but are not sure where to start, whilst others are wondering when will they find that special partner. Many of K’s clients are intuitive readers themselves, simply looking for validation that they are heading in the right direction. Spirit is willing and able to help you through any life situation, to regain your passion for life.



If the reader is competent and has the skills and abilities to deliver information directly from Spirit, then yes, email readings are accurate. K is an Internationally Renowned Clairvoyant and has successfully delivered thousands of accurate life changing readings via email and her clients are only to happy to share their testimonials. Many people wonder how a psychic delivers a reading to someone they have never spoken to, but an accurate clairvoyant like K can easily tune in to you and your life using only your name. Spirit knows exactly what you need to know at this time and K simply delivers the information they provide.


If you are still concerned about the accuracy of email readings, we would suggest choosing a 1 hour Psychic Reading which are conducted by phone, skype or in person at K’s Thornlands, QLD office.



You can ask Spirit any question you like! Spirit does not judge you and K treats all of her readings with the strictest of confidence. This is your opportunity to get answers to any problem, situation or direction for future opportunities. K The Messenger is often asked about health issues, love and family matters, career opportunities, financial issues, possibilities of travel and what your life purpose involves. And, if Spirit feels you need to hear information on another topic, they will share it with you throughout your reading. Feel free to ask any type of question.



When you go to book your reading with K, you will prompted to submit your question(s) for your appointment. Please include your first name or the first name of your partner, family member or passed loved one, that you are interested in. This allows K to tune into the right person and provide an accurate reading. If you do not have specific questions you want answered, just request a general reading and K will provide you with information Spirit feel is important for you to know at this current time.



Select the type of session you wish to book from the drop down choices provided. All available appointment days for that type of session are indicated by light blue boxes. Select your desired date and if there are sessions available it will give you a link to book. Fill in your details, supply your first name(s) as mentioned above and the topic or questions you want clarity on. Please Note: you may have to scroll forward by month to see the next available appointment.


Once you have completed the booking process and payment has been received, your reading is confirmed. If you book a reading in-person, or by phone or skype you will be emailed further details about how to contact K for your appointment. You will also receive a reminder 1-day before your appointment. If you ordered an email reading, K will record it at the designated time and email it to you directly after your session. Please be patient and allow for the audio file to be uploaded and delivered to you, as sometimes this process takes a little time due to the larger file size.


Please review our refund policy for cancellation policies.



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