Imagine being privately coached, one-on-one by an internationally renowned clairvoyant

Well, now you can!

Do you currently offer psychic readings to clients, maybe even as full time job? Are you looking for a greater level of success in your business? Perhaps you need help understanding why you are not attracting the amount of clients you were hoping for. K will get you back on path and heading towards abundance and success.


You may be looking to discover and enhance your psychic abilities and dissolve your fears to start offering readings. K The Messenger will give you simple and effective processes to harness your gifts and start your spiritual business based on your psychic abilities.


In this Half Day Private Psychic Development Session, you will quickly discover your strengths and the direction Spirit advises you take.  These intense psychic development sessions are incredible value at only $777 (AU), and you will be amazed at how quickly your confidence and skills will advance in just one session.



Because K works with Spirit, the process is fast paced and your strengths will be identified and magnified quickly, without focusing on the skills you are already competently using. These sessions are purposely designed around you and your current abilities. You will be able to discuss any difficulties or issues that you may be having and K will advise the best way to overcome them.


Other topics that may be approached, depending on your level of development, could be discovering your Primary Clair’s and the importance of Prayer, Intention and Cutting of Cords. The content of this session will be personally prepared to showcase your greatness and reveal any areas where you may be lacking.


Not everybody is comfortable in group workshops and K’s Half Day Development Sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn and advance your skills in private. Not only is the process faster, but the content is relevant to you and your journey, giving you remarkable results.


These sessions are purposely designed around you and your current abilities.  You will be able to work through any issues you may be having, and K will advise the best way to overcome them and offer you addition skills to help enhance both your readings and your business. These private sessions are only provided in-person at K’s Thornlands, QLD office.


Enhance your skills and take your readings to a new level.

Book a Half Day Session with K today!