K The Messenger’s loving heart and incredible ability to connect with Spirit, not only brings hope and support to her clients, but also provides direction and understanding of purpose. Captivated by her vivacious disposition, K’s clients often become loyal supporters and regularly call on her for guidance and direction. K is committed to serving Spirit. Her kindness and passion to assist others is why she has such a strong, loyal following and why her clients reach out from all around the globe.


These are just a few words from K’s valued clients around the world…


    Firstly thank you so much for my reading.  I was more than happy with it and so impressed with what you knew about my life. It just gave me goose bumps and more than a few tears. I do feel more at peace with my life after hearing your words. 

    K.C. QLD, Australia


     “Wow, K… Thank you so much for the reading! Saying it’s a “good reading” is kind of silly, because it was a very perceptive, very accurate, deeply personal and LOVING expression of your connection with Spirit and energetically with me.”

    K.H. :: USA

    “With sincere gratitude I thank you for my reading from spirit. Every word that was spoken was clear, precise and correct on many levels. I strongly recommend your readings to all who are ready, willing and open to receiving Truth!”

    K.J. :: QLD, Australia

     “Thank you for my reading. As always it was spot on, everything is totally correct :)”

    S.N. :: VIC, Australia

    “A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. My utmost love goes out to you K and everyone else around you. Thank you”

    D.M. :: QLD, Australia

     “Thankyou so very much for your reading. You have truly helped me and I’m so grateful to you. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you are here to help with your gift and your wisdom and I think you are truly amazing!”

    M.S. :: QLD, Australia

    WOW… I just wanted to say thank you so very much. You gave me some strong and positive feedback from Spirit in my reading. I shall take it on board and follow my heart and intuition.  It has given me the confidence to move on and follow my dream…. I look forward to the future with excitement!

    S.C. :: VIC, Australia

     “I just want to thank you SO much for all the information delivered to me. I was amazed, touched, lifted, grateful. You convey so much love and sincerity!”

    S.Q. :: NY, USA

    “Thanks again for being so many things to me; support person, butt kicker, encourager, clairvoyant and friend. I am blessed.”

    A.W. :: NSW, Australia

     “I wish you all knew ‘K’. She will put a smile on your face and shine light on the darkest of Hearts. I never met her but I can say I love her as a person of faith…”

    C.C. :: Minnesota, USA

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou, you had me crying, you had me laughing, it was amazing. The reading was fantastic and sooooooooooo spot on!!”

    T.B. :: SA, Australia

    “As always you leave me feeling like I can take on anything.”

    E.C. :: QLD, Australia

    “Thank you K! I love that you keep it real.”

    S.M. :: New York, USA


    K’s story is funny, yet witty and captivating, as finding true love is something that we all strive to find. Her insightful ways proves that we are guided through life and that opportunities will present themselves, but only when we are ready to receive them. This is a truly inspiring book one that we should all read to understand the ups and downs of love, life and friendships. 
    Lisa Williams, Internationally Acclaimed Medium


    “I cannot thank you enough for sharing this book. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the electronic version after the 18th issue. I’ve had a session with K a few days after that, I believe about a month ago. I feel I have found some direction in my life, although I am still in the process of ironing out the details before I truly ask the Universe of what I want….lest I get what I wish for. It all starts with self-love and that point has been the main theme of this book I think. I do think differently now and feel that I deserve only the best, and that there is someone out there for me if only I’m willing to open myself up to that opportunity.


    For now I am content being single and only want to improve spiritually, emotionally, financially, and professionally. I have hope that I will meet my soul mate when I’m ready. I am slowly but surely learning to let go of past emotional wounds….can’t carry them forward anymore as they hold me back. So thank you so very much. I plan to go to Australia to meet K in person. Until then…I’m with you in spirit.”

    M.T. :: USA

    Hi K..received your book today..read it in one breath..will post a review on Amazon..this is truly a must-read for all those who wish to fathom the connection with Spirit and the evolution of a clairvoyant’s journey toward Self and subsequently “The Soulmate!” Absolutely inspiring read..much love to both of you my dearest soulmate couple..hugs!

    Vesna :: Croatia

    I have just finshed reading your book and could hardly put it down. What a wonderful piece of work to share your life in such an open and honest way. I can so much relate to your story since I am 41 with two beautiful teenage children and still looking for a meaningful and loving relationship. Even though your book is open ended, I suppose you have found your soulmate and partner in Dr Michael. This gives so much hope and reminds me not to settle for second best which I am finding hard to do anyway.
    While reading your book you opened up a new perspective of how clairvoyants can work. I have seen a few clairvoyants in the last 15 years but usually got information how my life will turn out to be instead of a message what I need to learn/ do in my life to meet the right partner. And that’s exactly what I would like to hear – a guidance to what I need to learn in my life.

    Dorte :: NT, Australia

    I have read your book and am impressed by the honesty and bravery you have used to bring it about. It is the way forward for people. It will inspire people towards more honest and open communications. That is what will change the world the fastest.

    Carolyn :: QLD, Australia

    At first, I did not know what to expect from this book. I started reading it and I honestly had a hard time putting the book down to go to sleep as it was getting very late already. I was up next morning at 6:30 as I just could not wait until it was evening and I was home from work to finish it.


    While reading this book, I went through different emotions – surprise, sadness, anger even, laughter, but most of all it was this realization and identification with what I was reading. I could feel “clicking” on so many levels with K when searching for that one person to be together with and going through the hardship of constantly stumbling on the “wrong” ones. (I do have to say that luckily my dates have not been as scary and extreme as some of K’s….). Reading this book sort of gave me a feeling of relief that others go through the same stuff and difficult phases, but they still never lose faith. This was the ultimate message for me from this book – never to lose faith and have hope, no matter what. Believe in yourself and believe that all will be well and taken care of and you are not alone in all of this.

    Sigrid :: Estonia

    I recommend “Dating the Messenger” as a brutally honest account of K’s search for love. We can all identify with her search for the love of a life partner but K also reveals her struggles with her search for love of her true self and her gifts.


    The unfolding of her search for “Michael” is a hilarious romp through the few ‘ups’ and mostly ‘downs’ of Internet dating. Reading between the lines, however, we can see the strength of K’s resolve and belief, although at times wavering, that she will find her ‘soulmate’.


    What separates this book from others who have written about their unique search for love, is K’s inclusion of her exchanges with the spiritual world and her acceptance of their counsel and their vision for her life path.


    On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and am eagerly awaiting the continuation of the love story……… On a spiritual level, I am again given the message that patience is a big life lesson for me and that we all have the potential to be happy if we make the time and effort to know who we are, love who we are and believe that we all have the power to create the future we desire.

    Danielle :: Nebraska, USA



    A big thank you for the Loving Spirit Webinar… very generous of you to share… I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it… and once again it has come to me at the perfect time :). Oh… and the story about the lady and her deceased mum who rang the doorbell… absolutely beautiful.. Just simply beautiful… 

    J.K. NSW, Australia


    Oracle Card Reading Workshop


    “With such a warm open heart, a great deal of zeal and great insight of how to read these cards, who better to learn from than K :-)”

    G.R. :: QLD, Australia

    “If anyone is considering this… STOP considering AND JUST DO IT!! You’re in for a treat :)”

    A.B. :: NSW, Australia


    Woman in Spirit Workshop


    “Another one of thousands of people you have touched and made a difference too in their circle of life.”

    D.H. :: QLD, Australia


    Thank you for a fabulous session yesterday!  I haven’t wanted to stop!!  Finally succumbed to sleep at 2am and woke reaching for my headphones to do my meditation and then shoes on for walking – yah! Not sure what you switched on yesterday but WOW! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could fill the page and still not say it enough.

    C.N. QLD, Australia


    “I am a mother of two and I own and run a busy dance school. A few months back I found myself getting overwhelmed by my workload. I was getting more and more tired, nothing was getting done at home or work and my motivation was at an all time low. I really felt lost and unable to get myself out of the cycle! K had done readings for my before and I always found clarity after seeing her so I decided to book in to see her. BEST DECISION EVER!! K suggested that I come in for a Life Coaching session. We discussed ways that I could prioritise what needed to be done and plan for future projects and set goals for my business. When I left our session I felt energised and ready to take on the world….I don’t think I sat down for the next 3 weeks! I am now completely on top of my work, have ramped up my marketing and increased the number of classes I offer as well as being able to spend quality time with my family! From the bottom of my heart I have to thank K for her guidance, help and understanding! If you can to relate to my story don’t waste any more time feeling stressed! Book a life coaching session asap, you won’t regret it!”

    Renee :: Australia

    “I also recommend a life changing session with K. Nothing like some accurate spiritual perspective to get on purpose and clear.”

    B.O. :: NSW, Australia

    “WOW K, double WOW!!! I had know idea that having a life coaching session with you would change my life so dramatically as it has and in only 3 weeks. I am a new woman and loving it! I was amazed how quickly you pinpointed my disastrous life issues and flicked the switch within me to see the truths. I put all your tools into place quickly. I had the confidence to go for that new job and got it. YEH!!! I sorted out my house and kids in one weekend and love the new energy and yes, the ex husband is gone! No one’s living off me that way again. I took your advice and got that new outfit, change the hair style and you are right, I look as though I have lost weight when I haven’t. The attention people are giving me is fabulous, everyone sees I am different. I went on a date also and feeling happy again for the first time in a long time. K, thanks, you really did care about me. Thanks that you let me have my whinge and then put me back on track. I want to do more with you so I will see you soon. I love what you stand for…your words, “Connect to You, Re-Connect to life”. You gave me back mine, thank you. Xx”

    S. Williamson :: NSW, Australia


    You’re a special person with a generous heart and I appreciate your responding to me regarding my last message to you. Spirit’s message increases my confidence that my efforts to reach out and find others who could benefit from what I have to give will materialize.

    M.C. :: USA


    “Thank you K my darling!! I loved your message for today and it helped me to be more open to visual queues that I am receiving everyday from Spirit. Much love and blessings to you. Thank you for these weekly talks, you are very well versed and it comes across very personal, like you are speaking to me!”

    L.T-B :: QLD, Australia

    “Thank you for your inspirational weekly message you pass onto me and others from Spirit.  I look forward to listening to them every week and pray that I can not only be a better person to myself but also to others I come in contact with.”

    V.B. :: QLD, Australia

    “Thank you Thank you Thank you K, I really needed to hear your “Stay on Track” message today as everything we have been putting out there has been rejected. So, I will write a list and get clear on what we want to manifest. Blessings to you.”

    K. B. :: QLD, Australia

    “THANK YOU K for your generous time in sharing weekly spirit messages with all of us…not to mention the many positive and inspirational messages you share everyday.”

    C. T. :: VIC, Australia

    “Your messages are AWESOME! They are the first thing I listen to and then I always have such a great rest of the day. Thank you :)”

    S. M. :: NY, USA

    “Thanks for this awesome prayer and weekly message K..very inspiring…….Brilliant :)”

    J. K. :: NSW, Australia

    “That was a beautiful message, K. It’s so reassuring to know that you and Spirit are with me. I’ll remember you’re in my back pocket everyday, cheering me on, loving me and sending the very best Spirit has to offer. Who could ask for more. Thank you. xo”

    C. W. :: USA

    “Thank you so much for caring,Dear K! I love listening to your weekly messages full of passion and enthusiasm!”

    A. Z. :: QLD, Australia

    “Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for this message K…Haven’t felt ready to listen to this until now, but man was it ever the right time…YES…I have been getting in the way of me meeting true love…I have not been loving myself…….I forgive myself for being this way….I’m going to do an ‘oil change’ on my mind..focus on loving myself and my life as a single mum…..and allow spirit to bring my true love when we are both ready…

    Thank you once again for this message…you are awesome :)”

    J. K. :: NSW, Australia