I just want to thank you so much for all the information delivered to me. I was amazed, touched, lifted, grateful. You convey so much love and sincerity!

S.Q. New York, USA

I wish you all knew ‘K’.  She will put a smile on your face and shine light on the darkest of hearts. I never met her but I can say I love her as a person of faith…

C.C. Minnesota, USA

K read for me earlier this year.  She told me, I would have to clean the slate with everything and everybody.  Everything was going to change. She was right!  I cleaned the slate with everything in my life and I am happy about it.

Lisa Williams

Internationally Recognised Medium

Many thanks for the wonderful message I received from spirit.  Thank you so much for putting it to me in such a helpful meaningful way.  I feel so inspired and focused it really has helped me stop worrying about things, and to focus on being professional and about setting up my business in a way that I am in charge and to not worry about what people think.  I had a laugh as you seemed to know exactly what I’m like.  Lovely Julie was here in the room when I listened to the reading, it was great she kept elbowing me in the side saying, “See, see, K knows.”  It was lovely to listen to and be able to have a chat about it with her as she understands all the personalities involved.  I have just transcribed the whole thing so I can see it in my own writing, this works well with me.  I have received my business cards and that is such an awesome thing to see what you’re intending to put out there to people.  Plus I got a fabulous new short hairstyle.  Wow does that do wonders.  With all the busy days Ill be having, I need a simple do and one that works in high humidity!! Thanks again it was perfect.

Bron, Australia

Thank you so much for the reading!  Saying it’s a “good reading” is kind of silly, because it was a very perceptive, very accurate, deeply personal and loving expression of your connection with spirit and energetically with me.


Thank you K, for the beautiful email reading you gave me in November. I feel even more hopeful and balanced and will take your advice to go with the flow!

Kylie Fox

Marketing Professional, QLD

My reading was spot on and very comforting and encouraging. Thank you, thank you!

Monica, Oregon

Since you have come and gone, I have been full of love life and energy.  I feel so loved and so content.  I look back and don’t even recognise who I used to be.  I never would have thought that I would be feeling this amazing just a matter of weeks ago. It’s like pure euphoria.  So a big thank you to you both.  I am just so grateful to you both for helping me in ways that I once thought were unimaginable.  Now there is no limit for me, I am looking forward to an extraordinary life.

Lisa, Brisbane

I‘ve had a [clairvoyant] reading with K… She had me sorted.

Audrey, Perth, WA

I too was lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you at the Lisa Williams Mediumship.  You did a quick healing with me and I too felt a lot better the next day.  But it wasn’t until today that I really appreciated your true importance in my life and just how magical your gift is. I truly can’t thank-you enough for helping me.  To everyone out there who needs a little “help or some fantastic healing” please do yourself a favor and go and see K. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so fantastic.

Ben, VIC

I really enjoyed learning about the Akashic records and Channelling was a hoot.

Kerri, QLD

It has been an awesome weekend.  K is such a wonderful teacher.  If you have any interest in learning about how to you communicate with Spirit, I highly recommend attending classes with them.  Thank you so much K, Guides, Angels, Masters and “Spirit”… my life is forever enriched.

Fiona, QLD