‘Dating The Messenger: The Untold Story of a Clairvoyant’, by K & Dr. Michael Taylor is a compelling, heart warming story of K’s lonely journey to find true love. K shares the trials and tribulations of internet dating, whilst desperately searching for her soul mate.


Dating The Messenger is an emotional account of the “animals” K encounters on her road to love and happiness. Accompany her as she challenges Spirit’s guidance in the search for her dream partner, only to be confronted with resistance, disappointment and the hardships of modern dating.


Dating The Messenger is available in paperback or digital editions.

K’s story is funny, yet witty and captivating, as finding true love is something that we all strive to find. Her insightful ways proves that we are guided through life and that opportunities will present themselves, but only when we are ready to receive them. This is a truly inspiring book one that we should all read to understand the ups and downs of love, life and friendships.

Lisa Williams

Internationally Acclaimed Medium