Are you ready to make profound changes in your life?

K now offers Private Coaching & Mentoring Services!

Make significant changes and break down the barriers to success, achieve balance in your life and ignite your true potential. Live an extraordinary life by laying down the most appropriate foundations for your future journey. In a 1 hour Life Coaching Session, K will work with Spirit to bring you positive results in all areas of your life.

Enrich your psychic abilities with a one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring Session with K. Develop and maintain processes to help develop or strengthen your connection with Spirit. K will work on any areas Spirit feel you need more assistance with, and you can ask questions along the way.

These sessions are specifically designed around you and your current circumstances or level of psychic development.  Learn to trust your intuition and begin to believe in yourself and your ability move on with purpose and intention. Step forward with clarity and confidence, that you are on the right track and positive outcomes await.

K’s 1 Hour Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring Session cost $250 (AUD) and are provided in-person at K’s Thornlands, QLD office or by Skype or phone (all formats are equally effective). In just one session, you will discover the tools and required direction to achieve the results you have been seeking.

Are you looking to make serious changes in your life? Do you have some big choices to make? Perhaps you are seeking a more purposeful life? K The Messenger now offers Private Life Coaching Sessions, for those who really want to discover the best path to go down. We live such complex lives these days, there are often many factors and opportunities to consider. K works with Spirit to guide you down the most appropriate path leading to happiness, success and abundance.


Often, we condition ourselves to certain patterns in what and who we attract into our lives. Not only will K signify what needs to change in your life, she will also show you why you are attracting the same outcomes and how to break the repeated cycle. Gain greater clarity and deeper insight into your future and what possibilities lay ahead.

Common topics discussed: 

  • Develop a greater degree of self-awareness and clarity of purpose.
  • Identify your values and strengths that improve your work and personal life.
  • Find and eliminate your blocks to effective communication.
  • Develop your leadership skills and the courage to live the life of your dreams.
  • Develop a clear sense of direction and the confidence to succeed.
  • Help you achieve your goals and overcome procrastination.
  • Relieve stress and improve your stress management skills.
  • Achieve an optimal work-life balance and find true happiness.


Perhaps you are seeking to develop your own connection with Spirit. K now offers Spiritual Mentoring Sessions to work with you to expand your own psychic abilities. Often all we need is that one-on-one time to discuss and explore where you are holding yourself back and what steps are required to advance and enrich your reading skills.

Expand and awaken your psychic abilities by working with K The Messenger to define your strengths and learn easy processes to help you quickly advance and achieve remarkable results. The development process doesn’t haven’t be a long one, if you are given the appropriate coaching relevant to you and your journey with Spirit.

Common topics discussed: 

  • Distinguish your natural abilities and primary clair’s (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance).
  • Develop a relationship with Spirit, your angels, guides and deceased loved ones.
  • Work with and understand the ‘I Am’ – Source of all.
  • Understanding chakras and auras – the energy from Spirit and the energy within you.
  • Learn steps for effective meditation and connection to Spirit.

Start living your life to its full potential and maximise your results. By living a life of purpose you will find your life becomes more balanced and full of joy and abundance. When you have the strategies, tools and resources to empower and enhance your development, miraculous things occur.

Choose the path which leads to happiness, abundance and success.

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