Spirit wishes to talk today about manners and etiquette. The world has got so busy that we are forgetting to say, ‘thank you’, we are forgetting to say, ‘I am sorry’, we are forgetting about who goes first in the list, or up the escalator, or can we help an elderly person who is struggling, or perhaps a mother with a bag and a baby. Don’t walk by, open your eyes and extend yourself. Spirit says everybody is getting more visual because they can’t be bothered reading things any more. The text messages are getting shorter and shorter and the language is being chopped up considerably. So if we are going to acknowledge life visually, then why aren’t we seeing what is in front of us? Why aren’t we seeing those people who need help? Why aren’t we seeing somebody that we can say, “Wow you look great today”, instead of maybe having a really bad thought in your head, and if she is telepathic she can hear you? Yes, that is happening also.

People are really starting to tune in and read their friends and family. It is causing a great deal of hurt. There is that saying, “If you can’t say anything good then don’t say anything at all”. That’s manners. So how about you physically work on trying to give somebody a compliment today. Laugh with somebody, give them a kiss or it could be, “I’ll pick you up and take you to the store”. It could be, “I’ll finish that work for you, you go home”. Manners and etiquette. Look at how we dress, are we proud of ourselves, or are we looking like slobs? Do we honour ourselves, do our thoughts mirror our behaviour, our actions and really say what they need to say? And many just think and don’t ask, “It would be nice if Mary picked me up, then I wouldn’t have to get the bus and I would be happy to give her petrol money”, but she doesn’t ask. And Mary drives past every day and sees her sitting at the bus stop.

Spirit says, “It’s visual, so see it for what it is”. Be mindful – what can you do, what can you ask for in your everyday life that might make it a little easier or happier? Use everything you see, do not waste a moment. Go back to the old school ways, when they were simple and where people understood where they stood.

Spirit is very worried about the English language. Texting is changing it and computers are changing it. If we don’t grab your attention in one second flat, you are not interested, and so Spirit says, “Great, we will put visual cues in front of you”. Spirit is clever, because if they are going to work on visual even more so, they are sending out that visual aspect to you, then they are connecting you more to Spirit, they are making you very intuitive – if you actually see what is in front of you. Don’t you want that, don’t you want to get ahead in your life, don’t you want to be successful, don’t you want to have more and be happy? Take a look at what is out in front of you. Those little signs are coming loud and clear and every time you ignore them, your spirit guides, your deceased loved ones, your angels, your masters, they all say, “Agh, she missed that cue to help, or to gain”. Then everybody upstairs is busily running around to try and get somebody else to do it or get you somewhere else where you will see it again. Open the eyes wide please, open your third eye and maybe, just maybe you will see it very clearly all the time.

Start your day in the morning with: Spirit open my eyes, let me see everything I need to see today. Ask this and you will step forward in your life very quickly and your intuitiveness will just explode. I can’t wait to hear from you. I love your emails so keep them coming. And remember we can connect and stay up to date on Facebook.