I am reading today for you – even when I give you guidance, I am still reading – but I have actually pulled out the cards today and I have asked Spirit, “OK, what does everybody need to know?”

There are necessary things that Spirit says you need in your life at the moment – Rest, Relaxation, Guidance and Manifesting tools.

So, if we are going to take on rest and relaxation, then it’s time for you to step into, “Well, what can I do out of the norm?” “What will make me happy?” “What will make me relax?” “What will give me more fuel than I need for my body and my mind?” That’s what Spirit is asking for you today. With this guidance and your understanding that you might like to try something different, you might spend the day out in the sun bike riding, you might catch up with a friend, whatever it is, rest and relaxation is very much needed for each and every one of you.

If you actually honour yourself and take time to do that, it means that you are taking your inner guidance with you, and when we work on our inner guidance then everything works as we move forward. You cannot lose. The best thing about adding manifestation to this is that you are positive, that you are opening up the channels to have good come into your life; that you are working more freely; and feeling great. Doesn’t everybody want to feel that? Yes please! We all have our days, but we want to have great days and that is what Spirit wants for us.

So get into that R&R, listen to your inner guidance and use your manifesting tools positively. This is very very important at the moment and we should do it with everything in our life, but Spirit is concentrating on these three targets especially at this time.

So, I send many blessings to you, may you have peace, may you enjoy your rest. Remember to set targets, keep using those manifesting tools and your inner guidance and enjoy life!