How many of you say “I hate Mondays”. Oh my darlings let’s change that mind thought straight away, how about we step out and say – Yeah, I love Mondays, because Monday is the beginning of the week which will show me so many more things! I’ll learn, I’ll love, I’ll play, I’ll even earn. That’s what we need to think about, and that’s how we need to step our day up, which then leads into our week which then leads into our month and our year.

Now I know it’s not always that easy, but we really have to try. We cannot afford to have negative thoughts because negative thoughts creative negative feelings, negative feelings then create negative actions, and those negative actions – well we don’t get much respect for that, do we?

Spirit wants us to know that we have all the tools available to be more, more than we can ever imagine. I have taught this, and taught this and I am still going to teach it, because I am a believer, because I am what I am today and I have got so much more to come, and so much more to learn just like the rest of you.

I was reminded this morning by Spirit, of a quote by Joyce Meyer, the preacher – “Where the mind goes, the man follows”. Oh that is so true, so so true. You know on a daily basis, so many of us, continually make a statement: I’m confused, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go, I don’t know how this is going to work out, so therefore that is how the universe is going to respond. So, to get out of that confused state ask the universe for a teacher, ask the universe for a friend, ask the universe for a door that opens that you may walk through. It’s manifesting and it’s real. We have to get real with ourselves, the universe is answering very quickly and many don’t like how the universe is answering. But it is because you need to take stock of what you are thinking, feeling and acting. Nobody is perfect – God doesn’t expect us to be, we put our hands up to come to this world, this earth because it was free will, because we wanted to experience, and some of us have made the statement, “Can I just get through it?”. That is not good enough, you need joy in your step, you need love in your heart, you need positive words in your mind to create, to have, to keep and to move on. That’s what life is about, it is a journey and how we respect ourselves is how we will respect everything else out there in the world.

So today let’s change our mind thoughts. If you are stating: Nothing good ever happens to me, then it’s going to be: Everything great happens great to me. If you are struggling with weight or exercise, don’t look in the mirror and say: I am so fat, I am so lazy. Make the statement: Everything is new, I am walking tall and feeling good. If you are struggling with finances, well if you keep concentrating on the ‘poor’ aspect so be it, that’s a truth. Teachers out there spread that word all the time, but if you were to say: I am wealthy, I am a money magnet, everything comes to me easily, so it will be from the universe. Come on now, how many of you have people around you who say: Yeah, well everything works for them, but doesn’t work for me. Oh we have got to change that, because if everything works for them, then they must be doing something right, so therefore you can do the same for yourself. Everything works for me! Doesn’t that sound fabulous. Feel it, be it, love it – that’s what it is all about.

I am wishing you well, I am sending you love and healing to all that is needed. You are in my prayers, you are also in my heart and I believe that each and every one of you can prosper in every part of your life. Just switch the mind on and revv it up to excellence.

Have a great day, have a great week. Be blessed. And if you need extra help then go to our store at http://www.kthemessenger.com/shop/. We have many tools that you can purchase to help you on your road.

All of our tools come from Spirit and they work. So jump on to it now and know exactly what steps you can make to change the process and enjoy the prosperity in your life today.